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Please email us at with the following information:

School Name, Supervising classroom teachers, number of classrooms and student count.  Note:  There is a maximum of 30 students per 45 to 50 minute session.

Cost for a 18 session program: (includes rehearsal + Gala)

$1,500 for 1 Classroom

$2,600 for 2 Classrooms

$3,600 for 3 Classrooms

$4,000 for 4 Classrooms


Cost for a 15 session program: (1 or 2 dance styles will be excluded)

$1,125 for 1 Classroom

$1,950 for 2 Classrooms

$2,700 for 3 Classrooms

$3,000 for 4 Classrooms

Prices are billed at $75/hour for 10 sessions or less.  

Reduced rates are available for the months of September, October and November.

We are constantly growing and always looking for people with a passion for making an impact in children’s lives.  Send your resume to if you would like to enroll in one of our courses.


  • Have a valid vulnerable sector police check
  • Experience working with children or dance
  • Be patient and able to multitask.

There are several ways to join our team.

1) If you have experience teaching a dance program for kids at the elementary grade level, connect with us and let’s work together.

2) For those without teaching or dance experience, it would be best to enroll in our $495 online course which will be available by August 2019.

3) Enrolling and successfully completing the $95 or $295 online courses will allow you to speed up your process to teaching if you can demonstrate the required skills to confidently deliver our courses. You will immediately be paid $20 to $40 per session depending on our team’s final assessment.

4)  Learn on the job and receive real-time active learning.  You will be compensated $15 per class.

This course will provide you with access to all training material at the convenience of your own time.  Each person learns at a different pace, complete the course and pass the on-the-job test teaching a real class or with a group of other students to get Certified for an immediate placement starting at $30-$40 per class.

  • You will start at $30/class for your first assigned term, $35/class next term
  • Receive priority selection for current registered schools
  • After one year of experience, you will be encouraged to train your own team of instructors to further grow our team and increase your earning potential.

Receive training access for grades 4 to 6 curriculum dances

  • Start at $20/hour with a 2nd instructor for your first 5 days. Then $25/class after for the remainder of the term.  $30/class for your next term.
  • Get certified to teach the grades 4 to 6 syllabus.
  • $95 Basic training will enable you to learn and teach 3 dances.  Merengue, Foxtrot, and Tango.  You will be paid $20 for your first 5 classes taught with another instructor, Then $25 to $30 onwards.

This is for anyone outside Toronto, and/or lives in a different province looking for opportunities to run your own business.

  • Receive one week (5-intensive days) with me where I will teach you everything you need to know about growing a successful dance business.
  • I will only train groups of 3 to 5 people from each major city to learn how to run this business and help me grow the brand across Canada.
  • You can split the cost  amongst your team and earn your investment back with the first school you sign up for a 20 session 4 classroom $4,000 program.
  • Complete dance and business training will be provided. Should you want me to stay for another week to help you train more schools, an additional $1000/week is all that’s required.
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